y-cruncher's Digit Viewer
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y-cruncher's Digit Viewer

This is the full self-contained source code for y-cruncher's integrated Digit Viewer.
It includes everything including the heavily optimized back-end conversion code.

To Compile (Windows):

  • Open the Visual Studio project and compile from within the IDE.
  • Visual Studio 2015 is required.

To Compile (Linux):

  • Run VSS - DigitViewer/Compile-Linux.sh from the directory it is in. It will create a folder Binaries with the three executables.
  • x64 and a sufficiently new version of GCC is required.

The supported build modes are:

  • x86 : Release
  • x86 : 04-SSE3
  • x64 : 04-SSE3
  • x64 : 07-Penryn (SSE4.1)
  • x64 : 13-Haswell (AVX2)

The x86 modes are not supported in Linux.

To date, I've been too lazy to write a document on the compression format and how the .ycd files are laid out. But it should be pretty easy to see from just examining it through a hex viewer.

Two things that might be useful:

  • Base 16 .ycd files are stored as 64-bit integers words with 16 digits per word.
  • Base 10 .ycd files are stored as 64-bit integers words with 19 digits per word.

In both cases, each 8-byte word is little-endian.


  • Source/PublicLibs/ - The open-sourced subset of y-cruncher's support library.
  • Source/DigitViewer/ - The Digit Viewer itself.
  • Source/DigitViewer/DigitReaders/ - The Digit Reader classes.
  • Source/DigitViewer/DigitWriter/ - The Digit Writer classes.
  • Source/DigitViewer/DigitConverter/ - The highly optimized (and unreadable) digit conversion primitives.

y-cruncher has a build dependency on this Digit Viewer. Not just because it embeds the Digit Viewer, but it actually uses the DigitWriter classes to output digits at the end of a computation.

So what you are seeing here is actual y-cruncher source code.