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Re-enable ffmpeg binary on Darwin.

ffmpeg.c enables _XOPEN_SOURCE, which causes something included from ctype.h
to define _POSIX_C_SOURCE. Still no idea why standalone FFmpeg build works.
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NigelPearson committed Jan 2, 2011
1 parent f5e6f3d commit 3ec48f2c0ae3d2f90b3f99c624304131b96e62d6
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  1. +2 −0 mythtv/configure
@@ -3042,6 +3042,8 @@ case $target_os in
enabled ppc && add_asflags -force_cpusubtype_ALL
# Workaround compile errors from missing u_int/uint def
CPPFLAGS=`echo $CPPFLAGS | sed 's/-D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=200112//'`
# Workaround compile errors from missing ru_maxrss
add_cppflags -D_DARWIN_C_SOURCE
enable appleremote
enable backend
enable darwin

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NigelPearson commented on 3ec48f2 Jan 3, 2011

Closes #9400

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