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A couple bugfixes in MythDownloadManager.

Hook up downloadProgress and error signals when we are redirected
and have to download a different URL.

Fill in a missing arg() for a VERBOSE debug statement.
(cherry picked from commit dbbf254)
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commit b6dbb3ed1a11bcc4a49c6dde758e5a1e0235fc0d 1 parent 95ecfdb
@cpinkham cpinkham authored
Showing with 6 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +6 −1 mythtv/libs/libmythdb/mythdownloadmanager.cpp
7 mythtv/libs/libmythdb/mythdownloadmanager.cpp
@@ -778,6 +778,11 @@ void MythDownloadManager::downloadFinished(MythDownloadInfo *dlInfo)
m_downloadReplies[dlInfo->m_reply] = dlInfo;
+ connect(dlInfo->m_reply, SIGNAL(error(QNetworkReply::NetworkError)), this,
+ SLOT(downloadError(QNetworkReply::NetworkError)));
+ connect(dlInfo->m_reply, SIGNAL(downloadProgress(qint64, qint64)),
+ this, SLOT(downloadProgress(qint64, qint64)));
@@ -845,7 +850,7 @@ void MythDownloadManager::downloadFinished(MythDownloadInfo *dlInfo)
VERBOSE(VB_FILE+VB_EXTRA, QString("downloadFinished(%1): "
"COMPLETE: %2, sending event to caller")
- .arg(dlInfo->m_url));
+ .arg((long long)dlInfo).arg(dlInfo->m_url));
QStringList args;
args << dlInfo->m_url;
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