A RESTful API for amiibo.
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Amiibo RESTful API

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A RESTful API that was created for retriving amiibo information.



  • always updated
  • JSON format
  • could be used with any platform


Full amiibo: http://www.amiiboapi.com/api/amiibo

Specific Amiibo (Mario): http://www.amiiboapi.com/api/amiibo?name=mario

When searching for amiibo, you can use the key or amiibo name. Key must be in hexdecimal example 0x1D0

More APIs can be found here: http://www.amiiboapi.com

Requirements (if you want to host)

Manually Setup (if you want to host)

  1. Run app.py to start the webservice.
  2. Put in the information required in the spreadsheet boxes.

Heroku Setup (if you want to host)

Click on the Deploy to Heroku button and you are good to go!