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AZN (Azerbaijani manat) Rates module for Kohana 3
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AZN Rates module for Kohana 3 (KO3) PHP Framework

An open source module to fetch and format AZN exchange rates from (The Central Bank of the Russian Federation) for Kohana Framework (KohanaPHP v3). Kohana AZNrates is licensed under the New BSD License.

Quick Start

Download and install

Download the module from downloads section and place into modules folder.

Download and install using Git

First, add the submodule to your Git application:

git submodule add git:// modules/aznrates
git submodule update --init

Or clone the the module separately:

cd modules
git clone git:// aznrates

Update module using Git

cd modules/aznrates
git submodule update --init

Modify the Config File

Add to modules setting in the application/bootstrap.php this line of code:

    'aznrates' => MODPATH.'aznrates',

See a result

Go to /aznxrates or /aznxrates/date (date formatted as, for example: 14.06.2010).

Sample Output

    [AZN] => 1
    [RUR] => 0.0376
    [USD] => 1.4727
    [EUR] => 1.7426
    [AUD] => 1.7426
    [JPY] => 1.7426
    [GBP] => 1.7426
    [BYR] => 1.7426
    [LVL] => 1.7426
    [TRY] => 1.7426
    [UAH] => 1.7426
    [EEK] => 1.7426

You can add more currency valutes in the classes/model/currency.php file.

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