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World Wind Java v2.1.0 contains major improvements for security, functionality, and automation, including: HTTPS map services, Travis CI integration, first-class 2D map support, improved shape dragging, general shape editor, new USGS high resolution imagery layer, new USGS topographic layers, Shapefile rendering performance improvements, Shapefile XML layer configuration files, OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) elevations, plus many more improvements and bug fixes.

With the release of v2.1.0 all NASA World Wind map services (imagery, terrain, placenames, etc.) require HTTPS connections. Existing versions of World Wind (including v2.0.0) will not connect unless map service links are updated to use the HTTPS protocol. There is an HTTP to HTTPS redirect in place for all NASA World Wind map services, but the Java VM will not automatically follow the redirect. The requirement to host map services exclusively through HTTPS is a U.S. Government mandate.