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Apache NetBeans Android support plugin

This project aims to stabilize and update the discontinued NetBeans IDE plugin NBANDROID.

The current version supports Apache NetBeans (ANB) 10 and 11, and CoolBeans.

Requirement: Java 10, 11, or 12.

Many thanks to Radim Kubacki, the creator of the first NBANDROID!

How to Install NBANDROID-V2

First, you need to install a special plugin. The plugin detects the version of your ANB / CoolBeans and installs the NBANDROID Update Center.

You can then install NBANDROID

Known Issues

In a fresh ANB installation, the first time you open the Android Project, the project structure is not displayed correctly.

solution - close and reopen the project

AVD Manager

Layout Preview Support


Color Preview Support

Color preview

Color preview

Color preview

To use Android Color preview support you must install latest version of netbeans-color-codes-preview plugin.

After installing the netbeans-color-codes-preview plugin, you need to restart the IDE to enable Android Color preview support.

To make this project not dependent on the netbeans-color-codes-preview plugin, we use a special ClassLoader and it is activated on IDE start.

Current Project Status

What works:

  • Layout preview
  • Code Assistance
  • Android XML Code Completion support
  • Color preview support
  • Google, Bintray jcenter and Maven dependency browser
  • Build
  • Build Signed APK + Key Store Manager
  • Run
  • Debug
  • Install APK
  • ADB Shell Terminal
  • Switch ADB device to Wifi/USB
  • Android emulator
  • SDK Platform manager
  • SDK Tools manager
  • AVD Manager

What does not work yet:

  • SDK Manager - Update sites configuration
  • we currently have no Visual Layout Editor
  • and many other things