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A ping toolset for CCNx.
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ccnping and ccnpingserver are CCNx applications for testing CCN connectivity.

Cheng Yi <>
Department of Computer Science
University of Arizona

CCNx must be installed.

Default installation:
sudo make install

To install in a different path, run
./configure --prefix=/different/path
If CCNx is not installed in the default path, run
./configure LDFLAGS=-L/CCNx/path/lib CFLAGS=-I/CCNx/path/include

Usage: ./ccnpingserver ccnx:/name/prefix [options]
Starts a CCN ping server that responds to Interests with name ccnx:/name/prefix/ping/number.
  [-x freshness] - set FreshnessSeconds
  [-d] - run server in daemon mode
  [-h] - print this message and exit

Usage: ./ccnping ccnx:/name/prefix [options]
Ping a CCN name prefix using Interests with name ccnx:/name/prefix/ping/number.
The numbers in the Interests are randomly generated unless specified.
  [-i interval] - set ping interval in seconds (minimum 0.1 second)
  [-c count] - set total number of pings
  [-n number] - set the starting number, the number is increamented by 1 after each Interest
  [-p identifier] - add identifier to the Interest names before the numbers to avoid conflict
  [-a] - allow routers to return ping Data from cache (allowed by default if CCNx version < 0.8.0)
  [-t] - print timestamp
  [-h] - print this message and exit

Test connectivity
ccnpingserver is usually run on a hub which announces its own name prefix. For example, on the Arizona hub, ccnpingserver is started by running "ccnpingserver /ndn/". Then other nodes can run "ccnping /ndn/" to test the connectivity towards /ndn/
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