NEON's data API is currently under development; this is a forum to share ideas and code.
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NEON's data API is currently under development (v0); this is a forum to share ideas and code.

The API documentation is hosted at The API delivers data product and location information in JSON format, and data in CSV format.

Please feel free to give the API a whirl and give us feedback via this repository’s Issues section. We may not be able to accommodate all requests, but we're very interested in what you think the most important capabilities of a NEON API would be and what you would use it for. If you dive into writing a script or building an application, share it as an example! And of course also let us know if you run into any bugs. Just note that the API may change rapidly without notice during development, so you won’t want to build anything critical with it.

There are a couple of small examples of using the API:

Python 3:


There is also an R package, nneo, in development by Scott Chamberlin with rOpenSci:

2017-04-21 update:

Migration to the S3 storage system is starting to show up in the front end. Queries for the /data endpoint for the Litterfall data product will show the new, pre-signed storage URL's. These pre-signed URL's will expire an hour after they are requested, and will no longer return data.

Example query

2017-03-02 update:

The next change should be released in early March. It addresses issue #15 (adding convenience urls to /sites, /products, and /locations), and issue #12 (removing status fields from the data).

The ability to view parent, child, and related data products is still pending. We currently use this internally. If this is useful to the public at large, we would love to hear about it through this github's Issues page.

We continue our migration to the S3 system for storing data. The url change to the S3 system, mentioned in the last update, is still some time away from public implementation. You can expect to see it in conjunction with our next major data product rollout.

2017-01-17 update:

We have been migrating our back end code to a new platform, and we're almost done! Now, we can start putting in some changes to the API that have been pending for a while:

  • Updated some missing documentation fields at
  • Active now: Some /products responses will have a new "keyword" list, with words related to specific data products.
  • Active now: locationProperties in the /locations endpoint will no longer have the locationPropertyDescription element.
  • In a few weeks, some /products responses will have a related data products section, showing parent, child, and related data products.
  • In a few weeks, /data file endpoints will start to change! Currently, when using /data/<product>/<site>/<month>, a list of URL's is returned as /data/<product>/<site>/<month>/<filename>. Starting with a few new data products, the list of URL's returned will have a form similar to /<random string>/<filename>. These new direct file URL's will also expire after some time. Some design decisions are still pending, so we'll post details as soon as we can.