Nerve Gear SDK - The Plug-in Development Kits for SAO Utils
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NERvSDK (Nerve Gear SDK)

The SAO Utilities Project

The NERvSDK provides you a completed development suit to write and debug plug-ins for SAO Utils.


Please visit NERvSDK Wiki to take a quick tour about how to get started with the SDK, sample projects and more.

The latest online API Reference is available on the NERvDN Library, there's also a snapshot version located at NERvSDK\docs\NERvLibrary.chm.

You can also find more details and learn the Component Object Model (COM) at the Microsoft Developer Network.

Contributing to Our Project

There're many ways that you can improve the SAO Utilities Project:

  1. Give us feedback of issues or improvements for both the SAO Utils and NERvSDK.
  2. Make patches to enhance or fix bugs for the NERvSDK.
  3. Join our NERvDN team, and contribute to the NERvHub!


The SAO Utilities Project

开发交流群: 494434905 (QQ)

Page: The SAO Utilities Project – Development Log
Forum: SAO Utils Community
Weibo: @-约修亚-
Google+: Joshua Chen

Joshua (Studio GPBeta) @2015