Scholar OneSearch - Northeastern University Libraries' Primo implementation CSS/JS and HTML code snippets.
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Scholar OneSearch

Primo Frontend for Northeastern University Libraries

This is the repository for the CSS and JavaScript to override the default styles of Exlibiris's Primo application. The CSS is authored using the awesome Bootstrap project, I am hoping to incorporate the font-awesome project.

Credit to:

How to use:

Dependencies: Git, Node.js and Grunt-cli.

Install Dependencies

If you use Homebrew on a Mac:

$ brew install git
$ brew install node
// then
$ npm install -g grunt-cli
$ npm install -g bower

Install components

  • Use git to clone this repository
  • Install node modules
  • Install bower components
$ git clone
$ cd scholar-onesearch
$ npm install
$ bower install

Grunt Tasks

Configure your deploy tasks first review the conf/exampleServer.json and modify the Grunt tasks accordingly.

$ grunt less:development //compiles the less using a defined task

employed a process to load up CSS from a local system... 2/12/2014.

  • Adjust JSON config file to set up local server parameters
  • Use Grunt/NODE.js to run a local server on port 80.
  • In Primo BO - assign NOcss2 to the NUdev view this is an entry with a bogus empty css file.
  • load the CSS target via entries in the nu_header.html
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://<IP_OF_LOCALHOST>/css/legacy.css"/>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://IP_OF_LOCALHOST/css/style.css"/>

-- using this method will load your CSS off your LOCALHOST. As long as you have port80 open and the grunt task is running...

How to Contribute

Please see the document on how to contribute.