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AHN pointcloud viewer web service

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Web service for the ahn-pointcloud-viewer web application. Ahn-point-cloud-viewer is a point cloud visualization for country sized point clouds.

The web service has the following api endpoints:

  1. Compute the number of points in a selected area
  2. Create a laz file of the selection and send a mail to an end-user with download location of the generated laz file

It uses a PostGIS database to approximate number of points in selected area.


git clone git@github.com:NLeSC/ahn-pointcloud-viewer-ws.git
./gradlew build

The distribution is in the build/distributions directory.


  1. Unpack distribution and cd to it.
  2. Create config file, use config.yml-dist as an example.
  3. Run it
bin/ahn-pointcloud-viewer-ws server config.yml

A web service will be started on http://localhost:8080


To open in an IDE like Eclipse or Intellij IDEA, create project files with ./gradlew eclipse or ./gradlew idea respectively.

Perform tests with test and coverage reports in build/reports directory.

./gradlew test jacocoTestReport

Manual testing

First create config file config.yml, use config.yml-dist as an example.

  1. Create a database.

1.1 Start db

docker run -e POSTGRES_USER=ahn -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mysecret -p 5432:5432 -d mdillon/postgis

1.2 Fill it with test dataset

psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U ahn ahn < src/test/resources/test.sql
  1. Create a debug executable to run to create laz files. For example:
echo `date -Iseconds`: $@ >> ahn-slicer.log
  1. Edit config.yml to set database and executable
  2. Start web service with ./gradlew run
  3. Test with a http client
virtualenv env
. env/bin/activate
pip install httpie
http -pHBhb http://localhost:8080/size left:=125932.60 bottom:=483568.840 right:=125942.60 top:=483588.840
http -pHBhb http://localhost:8080/laz left:=125932.60 bottom:=483568.840 right:=125942.60 top:=483588.840 email=someone@example.com

Api spec and documentation

The web service uses Swagger specification to describe it's endpoints.

The running web service will have the Swagger UI at /swagger and the Swagger spec at /swagger.json or /swagger.yaml.

The Swagger specification is available as ./swagger.yaml in this repo. It can be viewed in the swagger UI.

Database and create_user_file

This web service relies on a database which contains

  • a table with the extents of the files in the AHN2,
  • a table with the extents of the files in the octree structure and
  • a third table that contains, for each level of the octree, the ratio of points in the level divide by the total number of points .

To fill in a PostgreSQL database with the required information use the scripts fill_db_raw.py and fill_db_potree.py from the Massive-PotreeConverter repository.

The file create_user_file.py in src/main/python is used to create a user file from a selected region and it uses the described PostgreSQL database. The scripts uses LAStools.