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@partim partim released this Sep 10, 2019 · 28 commits to master since this release

This release contains a bug in that leaves RTR clients stuck with old data. Please do not use this release if you are using Routinator with RTR and upgrade to 0.6.1 instead.

This release adds support for the RPKI Repository Delta Protocol (RRDP), an alternative method of fetching RPKI data that uses HTTPS instead of rsync. RRDP will speed up synchronisation for frequently updated repositories, for instance when Routinator is running in server mode. For the RRDP implementation, most of the internal logic of Routinator has been rewired. We used this opportunity for extensive refactoring and cleanup of the code base.

One user visible consequence is that the listeners for RTR and HTTP are now started immediately instead of waiting until after the first validation run. They still will report an error message until then, but at least you won’t
have to wonder whether something went wrong anymore.

Breaking Changes

  • Removed the rsync-count command line and configuration file option.
    This option is now unused as modules are now rsynced only when they are
    actually accessed. (#187)
  • The default value for refresh has been lowered to 600 seconds.
  • The refresh time placed in the RTR End-of-data PDU is now calculated
    from the time until the next validation run is expected to finish.
  • The listeners for RTR and HTTP in server mode are now started right away
    and report an error until the first validation has finished. (#203)


  • Routinator now supports RRDP for synchronizing repository content.
  • Restructured repository directory. The rsync data now lives in a
    sub-directory called rsync. The main repository directory will now be
    kept clean and all unexpected files removed. (#187)
  • In server mode, the repository will be refreshed and re-validated when
    the first object expires. (#191)
  • Protection against loops in the CA structure: Routinator checks that any
    subject key identifier only appears once in the chain from a trust
    anchor to a CA certificate. (#192)
  • Routinator now explicitly skips .cer files that aren’t CA certificates
    before even trying to validate them. This already happened before
    because these files failed validation. (#194)
  • New options user and group for setting the user and group names a
    detached server process should be run as. (#213)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash if the TAL directory is empty. Routinator will complain but
    run since there could be local exceptions. (#212)
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