NLog provider for Microsoft's logging for .NET Core class libaries and console applications
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BCH compliance

NLog provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging; .NET Core. ASP.NET Core users should install NLog.Web.AspNetCore.

Note: Microsoft haven't ported all their classes to .NET standard, so not every target/layout renderer is available. Please check platform support

Getting started


.NET Core Console application

You can choose whether or not to use Dependency Injection when using NLog in a .NET Core Console application. If you don't want to use DI, you can just add the NLog NuGet package to your project, manually add an NLog.config file, follow this tutorial to GetCurrentClassLogger(), and use that for logging.

To use DI, you can use NLog in conjunction with Microsoft.Extensions.Logging by following the 'getting started' tutorial below.

Known issues

  • auto load of NLog extensions won't work yet. Use <extensions> (see docs)

How to run the examples

How to run the dotnet-core-examples:

  1. Install dotnet:
  2. From source: dotnet run