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Pytorch implementation for abstract reasoning tasks - [What Can Neural Networks Reason About?]

File Descriptions

All files ending in * generate a type of dataset for a given task (e.g. subset-sum, Monster trainer, etc):

The tasks described in our experiment section corresponds to the following subtype IDs (IDs are authors' favorite random numbers):

Furthest pair: subtype 0

Maximum value difference: subtype 2

Monster trainer: subtype 15

Subset sum: subtype 12



For Tasks Furthest pair and Maximum value difference:

Use $ python --K=6 --n_objects=20 --coord_size=8 --age_range=100 --coord_range=20 to generate the animal world dataset

and $ python --model=$MODEL_NAME --K=6 --n_objects=25 --coord_size=8 --age_range=100 --coord_range=20 --data=$DATA_FILE.pickle --subtype=0/2
to train.

For other tasks, the usage is similar and please refer to the documentation in each data generator file and for more details.

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