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Scrutinizer Code Quality


NRGI can be cloned from github repository and installed. Following the procedure given below:


The app can be run with the command below:

  • install the application dependencies using command: composer install
  • copy .env.example to .env and update your the database configurations
  • give write permission to the storage folder using chmod -R 777 storage
  • run migration using php artisan migrate
  • seed dummy data using php artisan db:seed
  • make a directory uploads inside public and give write permission to it
  • access


The application is written in PHP based on the Laravel framework, current version of Laravel used for this project is 5.

Tools and packages

This application uses many tools and packages, the packages can be seen in the composer.json file and javascript packages are listed in the package.json file.

Some major PHP packages used are listed below:


The application is structured in a very simple way in app\Nrgi folder.

Nrgi folder contains other 3 folders

  • Repositories: Contains all the classes for storage and retrival from database.
  • Entities: Contains all the eloquent model classes.
  • Services: Contains the classes which serves as the intermediate for Controllers and Repositories. All the application logic are handled here. Logger is also implemented inside services. The purpose of using services is to keep our controllers slim.

Classes inside each of the above directories are properly written within corresponding modules namespace.

Check code quality

We follow PSR-2 for coding standard

Coding Conventions

We follow PSR-2


For this project we use php unit tests using PHPUnit framework integrated with Shippable CI.

phpunit or ./bin/vendor/phpunit


We use Elastic Beanstalk CLI.


For any queries and support, you may either create a github issue or send us an email at

Copyright and license

Code copyright Natural Resource Governance Institute. Code released under the MIT license