Unified issue-tracker for bugs in the data acquisition, management, and analysis software at NSLS-II
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Bug Reports

Unified issue-tracker for bugs in the data acqusition, management, and analysis software at NSLS-II

Bug Report Checklist

Please make sure that you have the following information in your bug report!

How to write a good bug report

Reporting bugs is critical to software development (we can't fix bugs we are not aware of). While reporting bugs is both necessary and helpful, it is critical to ensure that the reports are good bug reports. For bug reports to be helpful to your friendly software developers, they need to be

  • Short. Most bugs can be produced in a few lines of code. Keeping the code short helps to convince the developers the bug is in their code not your code
  • Self contained. Include everything needed to replicate the bug
  • Correct. We should be able to copy/paste/run the code to reproduce the bug. If you are unsure how to reproduce the bug, providing a comprehensive description of what you did to (or what you were doing when) you encountered the bug is a reasonable substitute.

There are expanded at http://sscce.org/.

NSLS-II Software Watermark

It is important to let us know what versions of python libraries you are using. To obtain this information, you can run dataportal.watermark() from the python shell which will print out our versions of the python stack

In [7]: from dataportal.utils.diagnostics import watermark

In [8]: dict(watermark())
{u'bubblegum': u"FAILED TO DETECT: API 'QString' has already been set to version 1",
 u'channelarchiver': '0.0.3',
 u'enaml': u'0.9.8',
 u'filestore': 'v0.0.3.post0',
 u'matplotlib': '1.4.3',
 u'metadatastore': 'v0.0.4.post0',
 u'numpy': '1.9.2',
 u'pandas': '0.16.0',
 u'pims': '0.2.2',
 u'python': u'2.7.9',
 u'pyyaml': '0.2.2',
 u'scipy': '0.15.1',
 u'six': '1.9.0'}

The `conda list command

Additional information that will help us track down your bug can be obtained by running conda list which will print the following out to the console. (Note that this command needs to be run from within your activated conda environment):

(nikea2)edill@edill-810g:~/dev/python/dataportal (master *$ u+1)$ conda list
# packages in environment at /home/edill/anaconda/envs/nikea2:
asv                       0.1                       <pip>
atom (/home/edill/dev/python/atom) 0.3.10                    <pip>
atom                      0.3.9                    py27_0
auto-enaml                0.1.0                     <pip>
backports.ssl-match-hostname                   <pip>
bokeh                     0.8.2                np19py27_0
cairo                     1.12.18                       0
channelarchiver (/home/edill/dev/python/channelarchiver) 0.0.4                     <pip>
colorama                  0.3.3                    py27_0
controlsui                0.0.0                     <pip>
coverage                  3.7.1                     <pip>
coveralls                 0.5                       <pip>
cython                    0.22                     py27_0
dataportal                0.0.5.post0               <pip>
dateutil                  2.4.1                    py27_0
decorator                 3.4.0                    py27_0
distribute                0.7.3                     <pip>
docopt                    0.6.2                     <pip>
docutils                  0.12                     py27_0
enaml                     0.9.8                    py27_0
enum34                    1.0.4                    py27_0
filestore                 0.1.0.dev0                <pip>
flask                     0.10.1                   py27_1
freetype                  2.4.10                        0
funcsigs                  0.4                      py27_0
gevent                    1.0.1                    py27_0
gevent-websocket          0.9.3                    py27_0
greenlet                  0.4.5                    py27_0
h5py                      2.4.0                np19py27_0
hdf5                      1.8.14                        0
hexrd-0.3.0.dev-205-gd1d356e dirty                     <pip>
ipython                   3.0.0                    py27_0
ipython-notebook          3.0.0                    py27_1
itsdangerous              0.24                     py27_0
jinja2                    2.7.3                    py27_1
jpeg                      8d                            0
jsonschema                2.4.0                    py27_0
kiwisolver                0.1.3                    py27_0
lcms                      1.19                          0
libpng                    1.5.13                        1
libsodium                 0.4.5                         0
libtiff                   4.0.2                         1
llvm                      3.3                           0
llvmlite                  0.2.2                    py27_1
llvmpy                    0.12.3                   py27_0
lmfit                     0.8.3                     <pip>
markupsafe                0.23                     py27_0
matplotlib                1.4.3                np19py27_0
metadatastore             0.1.0.dev0                <pip>
mistune                   0.5                      py27_0
mongoengine               0.8.7                     <pip>
networkx                  1.9.1                    py27_0
nose                      1.3.4                    py27_1
numba                     0.12.2               np18py27_0
numpy                     1.9.2                    py27_0
openssl                   1.0.1k                        1
pandas                    0.16.0               np19py27_1
pil                       1.1.7                    py27_1
pillow                    2.7.0                    py27_0
pims                      0.2.2                    py27_0
pip                       6.0.8                    py27_0
pixman                    0.26.2                        0
ply                       3.4                      py27_0
pockets                   0.2.3                     <pip>
ptyprocess                0.4                      py27_0
py2cairo                  1.10.0                   py27_2
pygments                  2.0.2                    py27_0
pymongo                   2.8                       <pip>
pyparsing                 2.0.3                    py27_0
pyqt                      4.10.4                   py27_0
python                    2.7.9                         2
python-dateutil           2.4.1                    py27_0
pytz                      2015.2                   py27_0
pyxrf                     0.0.0.dev0                <pip>
pyyaml                    3.11                     py27_0
pyzmq                     14.5.0                   py27_0
qt                        4.8.5                         0
readline                  6.2                           2
requests                  2.6.0                    py27_0
scikit-image              0.10.1               np18py27_0
scikit-xray               0.0.3.post0               <pip>
scipy                     0.15.1               np19py27_0
setuptools                14.3.1                   py27_0
sip                       4.15.5                   py27_0
six                       1.9.0                    py27_0
sphinx                    1.2.3                    py27_0
sphinx-bootstrap-theme    0.4.5                     <pip>
sphinxcontrib-napoleon    0.3.1                     <pip>
sqlite                                 1
ssl_match_hostname                  py27_0
system                    5.8                           2
terminado                 0.5                      py27_0
tifffile                  0.3.1                np18py27_0
tk                        8.5.18                        0
tornado                   4.1                      py27_0
trackpy                   0.2.4                    py27_0
tzlocal                   1.1.2                     <pip>
ujson                     1.33                     py27_0
werkzeug                  0.10.1                   py27_0
xraylib                   master               np19py27_0
yaml                      0.1.4                         0
zeromq                    4.0.4                         0
zlib                      1.2.8                         0