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A graphical user interface application for Recommendation ITU-R P.528


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Rec ITU-R P.528 GUI

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This code repository contains a Graphical User Interface (GUI) frontend to the U.S. Reference Implementation of Recommendation ITU-R P.528. It allows a user to set input parameters and generate a loss-versus-distance curve with modes of propagation (Line-of-Sight, Diffraction, and Troposcatter) identified.


  • Height of the low terminal
  • Height of the high terminal
  • Frequency
  • Time percentage
  • Polarization

See p528 for additional details on these input parameters.


The image below illustrates p528-gui for an example set of input parameters. The data representing this figure can be exported to a CSV data file.

Screenshot of P.528 GUI Tool

Configure and Build

The tool is built on the .NET Framework and Windows Presentation Foundation, and is thus limited to execution on Microsoft Windows. It uses the OxyPlot package for the rendering of the plot.


To aquire a pre-built executable of this tool, navigate to the Releases page and download the most recent release. Once downloaded, unzip the .zip file such that all the files are in the same folder. Double-click on the .exe file to launch the application. Recommendation ITU-R P.528 comes bundled with the executable.



For questions, contact Billy Kozma,