Multiplayer space ship game built on the SignalR framework.
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Multiplayer space ship game powered by [SignalR] ( and [EndGate] (

To play ShootR visit

In order to run ShootR locally you must do the following:

  1. If you have VS2012: Install the latest TypeScript version.
  2. Pull down ShootR source.
  3. Checkout master.
  4. Learn [SignalR] (
  5. Learn [EndGate] (
  6. Have fun =]

Feel free to stop by and say hi at

SignalR Source:
EndGate Source:

###Building for the First Time### The latest versions of Visual Studio are now cofigured to restore missing packages in solutions that you open, however, ShootR uses packages from a custom package source. To restore packages in the ShootR solution, you'll need to make sure that your installation of Visual Studio is configured to [restore missing packages] (

You'll also need to add the nightly build feed from the Asp.Net web stack to your NuGet package sources, which is located here: You can learn more about adding a custom feed in Visual Studio on the [Nuget docs site] (