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Welcome to the soundcite wiki!


  • Do I need to know <code> to use SoundCite? Absolutely not. SoundCite is friction-free for media consumers and creators. If you can record audio, upload it to SoundCloud.com, click a few buttons and can cut & paste you are ready to embed your own audio. You won't have to write or read HTML, CSS or JavaScript to use SoundCite.
  • Can I customize what SoundCite looks like? SoundCite is designed to work with virtually any site or theme design. The simple shading of the links should compliment your design without any customization. But we know you may still want to change the size, color or shading so... we're working on it. Stay tuned. More customization will follow.
  • Can I use an audio source other than SoundCloud? SoundCloud is a great platform but we know you might want to use audio you host on a variety of other sources or your own servers. We're working on this too. Hopefully we can start expanding the potential sources soon.
  • Can I help build new features for SoundCite? Absolutely. Fork the project and get involved. Send us feedback. Help us make SoundCite the tool you need and want it to be.