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a psiturk-compatible experiment based on the drawtogther crowdsource program by @dmarkant

developed with psiturk version 1.0.10dev

How to use

Breifly, assuming you have psiturk installed, working, have the AWS credentials and an account on

Get the repo

  1. git clone

Make it yours

  1. cd drawtogether - change to the project folder
  2. edit config.txt to your liking (particular setting host to if you plan to run on the public internet, also fill in the contact_email_on_error, your university/organization name, etc...)
  3. replace static/images/university.png with a logo reflecting your university/organization
  4. edit the templates/ad.html file to reflect your university/organization and the amount you plan to pay for drawings
  5. edit the templates/consent.html if you want to use it (you may be able to skip if just playing around... just change templates/ad.html so that the /exp route is chose when you click begin instead of /consent)
  6. edit the templates/stage.html to tell users what you'd like them to draw (currently prompts an "alien")

Test your code

  1. psiturk - launch psiturk
  2. [psiTurk server:off mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$ server on - start server
  3. [psiTurk server:on mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$ debug - test it locally (will pop open a browser stepping you through)
  4. [psiTurk server:on mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$ create hit - to create the hit on the AMT sandbox
  5. Test the experiment by finding your listing on the Amazon sanbox

Run live

  1. If all is going well and looks how you expect, [psiTurk server:on mode:sdbx #HITs:0]$ mode - to switch to "live" mode
  2. [psiTurk server:on mode:live #HITs:0]$ create hit - to create the hit on the live server
  3. [psiTurk server:on mode:live #HITs:0]$ hit list active - to monitor the progress
  4. [psiTurk server:on mode:live #HITs:0]$ worker approve --hit <yourhitid> - to approve and pay everyone who has finished

In other words, it works basically identically to the default “stroop” example that ships with psiTurk. See the main psiturk docs if you don't feel you know what you are doing.

The Gallery

This project has one extra feature which is not in the standard stroop. It provides a custom URL (via that lets you view the results of the “experiment”. To access this you just point your browser at your local server with /gallery as the url. For example, “” It’ll prompt you for a username and password which are set by the login_username and login_pw fields of the config.txt file.

Example Result from the /gallery page:


a psiturk-compatible experiment based on the drawtogether crowdsource program by @dmarkant







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