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Zoom, zoom, zoom!

@mihtjel mihtjel released this
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New feature: Zooming
This release adds the ability to "zoom" on the frequency-based charts: Use your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in and out - or hold the control button and drag a box on the chart to zoom into.

New chart type: Group Delay
Group delay can now be displayed as a chart, and can also be enabled for the marker data display for both S11 and S21.

New chart type: Permeability
A new chart, R/ω & X/ω, is available for determining permeability characteristics of toroids. Thanks to David, F4HTQ, for requesting and helping out with this.

Logarithmic Y-scale:
The VSWR and Permeability charts now have the option of having the Y-scale shown as Linear or Logarithmic.

Changes to markers:

  • Now able to display Group Delay for S11 and S21
  • Markers can be filled or "hollow"
  • Markers can be shown centered, or with the point at the tip
  • Markers can be locked from mouse control by selecting the radio button next to "Show/Hide data"

Time-delay reflectometry:

  • Min/max impedance values can be manually set
  • There's a movable marker to measure distance in the TDR chart

New scaling function for values:
Holger Müller, DG5DBH, contributed new code to show values more correctly, using SI-prefixes. David Hunt provided further changes to avoid losing precision when displaying frequencies for sweep settings.

Also included: Several bug fixes!

As ever, I look forward to hearing about any feedback, suggestions and bugs!