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BashStyle-NG: spice up your BASH. ...and readline, vim, nano...
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1 Introduction

BashStyle-NG is a graphical tool and toolchain for changing the
behaviour and look'n'feel of Bash, Readline, Vim, Nano and GIT.

What can BashStyle-NG do for you?

   * Bash Settings

        + 12 fancy pre-defined prompt styles
        + colors are customizable
        + random text color possible
        + random prompt style for each session possible
        + create your own prompt using UI
        + customizing pre-defined ones possible
        + alternatively monochrome prompts instead of colored
        + colored manpages (without using most)
        + colored output from ls and grep (matches)
        + colors are customizable
        + rembering last visited directory (and restore upon new
        + customize bash history settings
        + lscd: customized variant of cd, showing content of directory
          after cd, can create directories that don't exist, passing of
          customized ls parameters possible
        + un/setting shopts (shell options) for Bash 4.3 / 4.0-4.2 /
        + customizable completion blacklist, timeout, welcome message
          and more
        + sync history over simultaneously running sessions

   * Git Options

        + set GIT user name
        + set GIT mail address
        + set GIT editor for commit messages
        + set GIT colored output

   * Readline Options

        + un/set completion
        + un/set case sensitivity
        + un/set horizontal completion
        + un/set mark filetypes and folders
        + un/set include hidden files incompletion
        + customize almost 30 keybindings

   * Vi Improved Settings

        + un/set remember last position
        + un/set syntax highlighting
        + un/set auto indention
        + un/set case sensitive search
        + un/set incremental search
        + un/set display line numbers
        + un/set highlight current line/column
        + set dark or bright background
        + set line-wrap and tab-length
        + set color scheme
        + enable ruler/set ruler format

   * GNU Nano Settings

        + un/set search history
        + un/set syntax highlighting
        + un/set auto indention
        + un/set case sensitive search
        + fix backspace and numblock assignment

   * Extra Features and Functions

        + systemkit: show various system information, including cpu,
          system load, used/free/total ram and more
        + gitkit: various companion functions for GIT, like exporting
          the repo (like 'svn export'), creating
          tar.gz/tar.bz2/tar.xz/.zip archives from repo, getting active
          branch/action/revision/revno from repo (for PS1)
        + math conversion functions: convasc, convbin, convdec, convhex,
          convoct, convtemp.  Convert between ascii, binary, decimal,
          hexadecimal, octal or temperature units
        + random: create random strings (for example passwords) of
          various types
        + scripts for working with files: map (run a command on given
          files, for non-batch commands), batch (batch-perform actions
          on files), basefile (extract extension, filename with/without
          extension or filepath from full filename, similar to
          basename), randomfile (perform action on a random file, also
          has history, multiple executions support and more)
        + see INSTALL_PREFIX/share/bashstyle-ng/rc/functions/ for all

Git repository access

You can get the latest in-development version by running

   * git clone git://


   * Existing Translations [Translator]

        + de (German) [Christopher Roy Bratusek]

   * Visit and apply for a
     team or request the creation of a new one.

Submit Bugs for Feature Requests


   before reporting bugs please make sure that you got the latest stable
version of BashStyle-NG. If you got an Feature Request or a new Idea for
BashStyle-NG, then don't hesitate to post it!  If you can provide
patches, then that's even better.
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