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A metadata record management system written in PHP, intended to be used in conjunction with VuFind or another Solr-based discovery interface. Provides import, export, harvesting (OAI-PMH), normalization, deduplication and Solr index update functionality with support for multiple metadata formats. Also includes an OAI-PMH provider that can be use…
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classes NdlMarcRecord: relaxed the restricted metadata check a bit.
conf Added a couple more sample strings to abbreviations.lst.sample.
dbscripts Changed a couple of Mongo indexes to non-sparse since sparse causes p…
mappings Renamed sample lido resource type mapping file.
tests Code style fixes.
transformations Removed obsolete LIDO XSL transformation (done in PHP).
.gitignore Added .gitignore and template for recordmanager.ini
INSTALL Added UNICODE normalization support. Added a new, slightly simplified…
LICENSE Added LICENSE file. Update with a hint about the stable branch.
cmdline.php Fixed code style issues that CodeSniffer 2.2 reported.
datasources.php Added a script that can search in data source settings and list the m…
export.php Added possibility of exporting multiple data sources, specifying whet…
harvest.php Improved mandatory parameter check in command line scripts.
httpd-recman-oai-pmh.conf Added permission definication to OAI-PMH provider Apache conf file.
httpd-recman-preview.conf Added ending line feed.
import.php Improved mandatory parameter check in command line scripts.
manage.php Improved mandatory parameter check in command line scripts.
oai-pmh.php Code style fixes.
preview.php Added idPrefix to record driver constructor. Add prefix to all record…
splitlog.php Added splitlog.php program that can be used to split an OAI-PMH harve…


RecordManager is a metadata record management system intended to be used in conjunction with a Solr-based discovery interface.

See INSTALL for simple installation instructions on CentOS 6 systems, adaptable to other systems too.

See the RecordManager wiki for more information (

For a stable version, see the stable branch.

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