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An assembly designed to provide all the normal ADO.Net commands, but to make some of the activities that you usually have to worry about, a lot easier, such as connectivity to the database.

The API is designed around an interface to make it easy to use with dependency injection.


This assembly is one of my "ToolBelt" pieces of code that I've had knocking around for about 5 years. I decided to dust it off, update it and then put it on GitHub so I always have access to it and if other people find it useful they can use it as well.

##Using SQL Express

If you are using SQL Express you'll need to do a couple of things

  • ensure SQL Express is in mixed mode authentication
  • alter the connection strings to point to your SQL Express instance rather than LocalHost

###Licence This software is licensed under the MIT license which basically means you can do what you want with the software (read the license.txt for full details).