NationStates++ improves & rewrites the look and feel of - providing players with easy to use tools and more data to make decisions.
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NationStates++ Project Layout

  • Assembly [play! framework 2.2 project]
    • app [java codebase]
    • conf [play! framework settings & endpoints]
  • Extension [all extension/front-end code]
  • Chrome [chrome specific manifest & background.js]
  • Firefox [Firefox addon install manifest]
    • addon [Firefox SDK-generated root addon folder]
      • data [Firefox specific background.js]
      • lib [Firefox main.js (addon entrypoint)]
  • Safari [container for Safari content]
    • nationstates++.safariextension [auto-generated Safari extension folder]
  • css [Location of CSS for inclusion into extension]
  • js [Location of JS for inclusion into the extension]
  • highcarts-adapter.js [Injected JS to interface from extension to highcharts.js at]

============= Libraries included in .jar form, not in maven repos: