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Accumulo Service

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The Accumulo service is an administrator utility that provides a rest API which exposes a small subset of Accumulo's table and security operations to external clients. Users must possess the Administrator role to access the service's endpoints.

Root Context


Admin API

Method Operation Description Request Body
POST admin/createTable/{tableName} Creates the given table N/A
POST admin/flushTable/{tableName} Initiates minor compaction on the given table N/A
POST admin/grantSystemPermission/{userName}/{permission} Grants user the specified system permission N/A
POST admin/revokeSystemPermission/{userName}/{permission} Revokes system permission from user N/A
POST admin/grantTablePermission/{userName}/{tableName}/{permission} Grants user the specified table permission N/A
POST admin/revokeTablePermission/{userName}/{tableName}/{permission} Revokes table permission from user N/A
POST admin/setTableProperty/{tableName}/{propertyName}/{propertyValue} Sets the specified table property N/A
POST admin/removeTableProperty/{tableName}/{propertyName} Removes the specified table property N/A
GET admin/listTables Lists all Accumulo tables N/A
GET admin/listUsers Lists all Accumulo users N/A
GET admin/listUserAuthorizations/{userName} Lists the user's authorizations N/A
GET admin/listUserPermissions/{userName} Lists the user's permissions N/A
PUT admin/update Processes the specified table mutations UpdateRequest
POST admin/validateVisibilities Validates one or more visibility expressions visibility form param

Lookup API

Enables simple batch scans on a given table/row to retrieve results, and also supports query auditing (i.e., when audit-client.enabled: true, which is the default)

Method Operation Description Request Body
GET/POST lookup/{tableName}/{row} Scans the given row and returns scan results Optional form params
  • Several optional parameters can be expressed via query string (GET) or form param (POST)

  • See LookupController class for details

Stats API

May be used as a proxy for the Accumulo Monitor as a convenience, in order to expose the monitor's raw stats response to external clients

Method Operation Description Request Body
GET stats Retrieves the raw stats response from the Accumulo Monitor N/A

Getting Started

  1. First, refer to services/README for launching the config, authorization, and audit services.

    • The authorization service should be launched with the mock profile to leverage test PKI materials and associated user configuration (see authorization-mock.yml).
  2. Launch this service as follows, with the remoteauth profile to enable client cert authentication, and with the mock profile to utilize an in-memory Accumulo instance containing some test data...

    java -jar service/target/accumulo-service*-exec.jar,remoteauth,mock
  3. Ensure that the testUser.p12 (password: ChangeIt) cert is imported into your browser, and then visit any of the following:

    Note: The stats API is not functional when using the mock profile, as it requires that ZooKeeper and Accumulo Monitor instances are running

    See sample_configuration/accumulo-dev.yml and configure as desired