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DataWave Spring Boot Starter for Microservices

Apache License Build Status

This is a Spring Boot "starter" class to build a DATAWAVE microservice. This starter provides custom default behavior that is useful for new services.


  • Enables JSR-250 method annotations for spring security.
  • Provides a Spring Security configuration that authenticates based on the presence of a JSON Web Token (JWT) in the Authorization request header. The JWT payload should be an encoded list of DatawaveUser objects.
  • If the remoteauth profile is active, then this provides a Spring Security configuration that uses the provided PKI information to authenticate to a remote authorization service, provided no JWT was supplied instead.
  • Spring Security pre-authentication for a proxied entity, where the primary caller can be trusted to delegate for a chain of users. This supports placing the delegate credential (subject/issuer DNs) in trusted headers X-ProxiedEntitiesChain and X-ProxiedIssuersChain.

Web Customization

  • RestClient customization to specify number of threads used overall and per-route for Spring RestClient.
  • Customization of both RestClient and WebClient to provide client certificates based on the property server.outbound-ssl.enabled.
  • Undertow customization to support collection of request timing
  • Use Jackson for JSON conversions, but pay attention to JAX-B bindings.
  • Adorn responses with headers indicating system name, request time, etc.
  • CORS configuration

Other Miscellany

RabbitMQ Discovery

Provides Spring Cloud discovery of the RabbitMQ instance backing the Spring Cloud Event bus.


Provides Accumulo configuration to access both the warehouse and metrics Accumulo clusters.


Provides default markings configuration including MarkingFunctions and a caffeine cache manager to storing cached markings.


Provides DropWizard metrics configuration/reporting via the metrics.reporter prefix. See MetricsConfigurationProperties.

HTML Responses

Provides message converters for returning a formatted HTML page.

Protostuff Responses

Reads/writes Google protobuf entities/responses using the protostuff library for messages implementing the protostuff Message interface.

REST Exceptions

RestExceptionHandler returns a datawave VoidResponse upon receipt of an exception.


NotBlankIfFieldEquals validates that a field must not be blank if another field matches a specified value. RequiredValueIfFieldEquals validates that a field is set to a specified value if another field matches a specified value.


AuthorizationEvictionEvent is an event that is published to the event bus when user credential data is evicted from the authorization service's cache. Other services may want to respond to this event to refresh a display or force the user to re-authenticate.


A test certificate authority and user/server certificates for use in tests and/or demo applications. See the resources directory.


A default screen.css file is provided for displaying tables in web apps.


A default datawave banner for display by Spring at application startup.