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A WebSocket library for use with Apache Accumulo
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Apache License


Qonduit is a secure web socket proxy for Apache Accumulo.

Qonduit is a Java server process that uses Netty for a secure web socket transport and Spring for pluggable security modules. Qonduit uses Jackson for serialization and deserialization of CBOR encoded request/response objects. Qonduit discovers custom request and response types and server side logic using the Java Service Loader mechanism. Qonduit differs from the Accumulo Proxy in the following ways:

  1. Qonduit uses secure web sockets to provide an asychronous and secure transport between the client and the Qonduit server.
  2. Qonduit can optionally authenticate users using client supplied credentials and a Spring Security configuration on the Qonduit server.
  3. Qonduit does not provide a strict proxy for the Accumulo client API, it is designed to be extended with pluggable server side logic and custom request and response types.


Qonduit requires Apache Maven to build. The os-maven-plugin is used for building platform specific packages.

If you are using and IDE, you will benefit from reading about how to configure your IDE.

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