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Android News app developed using Clean + MVVM architecture
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An Android application built using Clean + MVVM architecture.

Featured in

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Components used in the app.

  • Kotlin - As a programming language.
  • LiveData - Lifecycle aware Observable data holder class.
  • ViewModel - To manage the UI-related data in a lifecycle conscious way.
  • RxKotlin - Used for data manipulations and to switch between main thread and worker thread.
  • Retrofit - For making network calls.
  • Koin - For dependency injection.
  • Room database - To cache the response for offline access.


NewsApp is a tiny little app which brings the latest news from Google news. Internally app uses News API to fetch the details. This app is built using Clean + MVVM architecture, uses Retrofit2 for making API calls and uses Room database to cache the data.





Steps to build the app

  • Create your API key at News API
  • Add the generated API key in app/build.gradle like below
    buildConfigField "String", "NEWS_API_KEY", '"YOUR_NEWS_API_KEY"'
  • Build and run the app.


  • Write test cases for all the modules.
    • Domain module
    • Remote module
    • Cache module
    • Data module
    • Presentation Module
    • App module

Thank you!

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