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Javascript's God Mode: one language to rule them all.

Code everything, everywhere, for everything, in JavaScript.

No VM. No Bytecode. No packaging. No Garbage Collector. Fully compiled to native binaries.

Help needed to integrate NodeJS std modules

Table of contents

About NectarJS

NectarJS is a JavaScript native compiler aiming to make JavaScript universal, NectarJS is able to compile native apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Raspberry, STM32 and more.

NectarJS is in active development, join us on Discord or IRC if you need more information.

Main objectives

  • Supporting EcmaScript 3 standard (then 5, 6 ...)
  • Supporting NodeJS and NPM ecosystem
  • Supporting a maximum of platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Arduino, ...)
  • Being secure
  • Embeding debuging tools
  • Compile everything that can be transpiled in JS: Ruby (Opal), Python (Transcript, Brython, JavaScrypthon), TypeScript ...




Get started


Install NectarJS from NPM

npm install -g nectarjs

Install GCC/CLang for your platform

You can also install Linux for Windows and use a linux system on Windows

You need MinGW with POSIX threads

  • Linux / FreeBSD Install it with your distro (apt install gcc, yum install gcc, ...). You can use GCC, CLANG, as well as any derivative of those compilers (arm-gcc ...)

  • Apple iOS Install xCode and you are ready.

You can check your installation with npm start njs_test


Simplest way to use NectarJS:

nectar file.js

The output file name will be automatically chosen regarding the target. You can specify another output with -o something.out

You can select a preset (see Advanced usage):

nectar file.js --preset [none|speed|size]

You can also run the compiled executable just after compilation using --run:

nectar file.js --run

You can enable the quiet mode with --quiet:

nectar file.js --quiet

Changing the stack size (useful on Windows):

nectar --stack 10000000 flood.js

You can install a module with:

nectar -i module_name

You can see the module list and participate in their development here:

You can initialize an empty module with the command:

nectar --init-module module_name --author me

For more informations about compilation output, use --verbose

For help, use --help

Advanced usage


Compiled with GCC v10.2.0 on Windows

NodeJS v12.8.1 QuickJS 2020-07-05 NectarJS v0.6.104
sort(1e6) [No preset]
- Time: 0.33s - 0.33s
- Memory: 7.0Mb - 1.0Mb
- Filesize: 28.6Mb - 424Kb
sort(1e6) [+Size preset]
- Filesize: 28.6Mb - 260Kb
sort(1e6) [+Speed preset]
- Time: 0.33s - 0.20s
matrix(256) [No preset]
- Time: 0.33s - 0.21s
- Memory: 7.0Mb - 1.0Mb
- Filesize: 28.6Mb - 405Kb
matrix(256) [+Size preset]
- Filesize: 28.6Mb - 251Kb
matrix(1e6) [+Speed preset]
- Time: 0.33s - 0.11s
  • Some code can be evaluated compile-time

Supported platforms

Actively tested for

  • Windows
    • win-x86-32
    • win-x86-64
  • Linux
    • linux-x86-32
    • linux-x86-64
    • linux-arm32v7
  • Arduino
    • arduino-nano
    • arduino-uno
    • arduino-mega1280
    • arduino-mega2560
  • STM32 Nucleo
    • nucleo-l152re
    • nucleo-l432kc
    • nucleo-f446re
  • Mobile
    • android
  • Web
    • wasm
    • wast
    • asm-js
  • macOS
  • Sun OS


This project is in heavy development and a lot features are not implemented yet.


Code Of Conduct



NectarJS compiled apps are tested to be publishable on:

  • Apple Store

ECMAScript Support

NectarJS already supports more than 80% of ES3.

  • .call()
  • .bind()
  • .length
  • .push(value)
  • constructor
  • methods
  • static methods
  • .log(variadic)
  • .parse(str)
  • .stringify(obj)
Math **(DONE)**
  • [All static methods and constants]
  • .keys
  • timeOrigin
  • .now()
  • .length
  • .toString()
  • .indexOf(needle)
  • .lastIndexOf(needle)
  • .search(needle)
  • .slice(start, end)
  • .substring(start, end)
  • .substr(start, end)
  • .replace(needle, str)
  • for
  • while / do while
  • if / else if / else
  • try / catch / finally
  • function / lambda
  • class
  • new
  • typeof
  • instanceof
  • undefined
  • null
  • Infinite
  • NaN / isNaN
  • true / false