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WebAssembly (abbreviated Wasm) is a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine. Wasm is designed as a portable target for compilation of high-level languages like C/C++/Rust, enabling deployment on the web for client and server applications.

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kulicuu commented Jun 28, 2022

I am returning to WebGL work after some time away (with Vulkan) so may be misinterpreting something here, but...
The WebGL example loops through the render_gl function every frame. Therefore it's recompiling the shaders, linking them, all of this work that doesn't need to be repeated in the render loop.

Steps To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Start the app as

Snowapril commented Apr 14, 2022


Many existing test cases check that pickle.dumps and pickle.loads of a given type return the exact same value. Almost failed pickle test in RustPython, lack __reduce__ method.

  • arrayiterator.__reduce__ (test_array::test_iterator_pickle)
  • filter.__reduce__ (test_builtin::test_filter_pickle) — #3732
  • map.__reduce__ (test_builtin::test_map_pickle) — #3734
emilk commented Feb 20, 2021

Tracking issue for improving the egui docs. Other suggestions for improvements welcome!

All doc-examples need to be part of the doctests (i.e. they should never be marked ignore, though no_run can maybe sometimes be motivated).


The crate-level docs for egui (at generated from egui/src/ sh

help wanted good first issue docs and examples

“连续六年成为全世界最受喜爱的语言,无 GC 也无需手动内存管理、极高的性能和安全性、过程/OO/函数式编程、优秀的包管理、JS 未来基石" — 工作之余的第二语言来试试 Rust 吧。<<Rust语言圣经>>拥有全面且深入的讲解、生动贴切的示例、德芙般丝滑的内容,甚至还有JS程序员关注的 WASM 和 Deno 等专题。这可能是目前最用心的 Rust 中文学习教程/书籍

  • Updated Jul 4, 2022
  • Rust
fitzgen commented Dec 11, 2020

In bytecodealliance/wasmtime#2497 (comment) we added support for generating nested modules, and we generate these modules by concatenating strings of WAT and then passing it to Module::new which internally checks for WAT strings and assembles them into Wasm bytes if necessary.

We can make this more efficient, improving the number of test cases we fuzz in a

good first issue fuzzing
kazo0 commented Mar 31, 2022

On which page?

What's wrong?

Step 2 within the "Section 2: Using Uno.Material library" section makes reference to Chip/ChipGroup/Card/Divider which have now all been moved to the Uno.Toolkit.UI.Material package.

These changes will also need to be reflected in the referenced UnoMaterialSample, an issue tracking

good first issue area/uno-material kind/documentation
mstange commented Jul 5, 2019


I am using the following pattern to efficiently initialize a large buffer inside wasm memory from JavaScript without copies (see #1079 for full motivation):

pub struct WasmMemBuffer {
    buffer: Vec<u8>,

impl WasmMemBuffer {
    pub fn new(byte_length: u32, f: &js_sys::Function) -> Self {
help wanted good first issue js-sys
thomasballinger commented Aug 1, 2021

Related to metering wasm3/wasm3#127 and being able to run a set number of instructions, I'd like to be able to serialize a paused interpreter's state and deserialize it to a new interpreter instance; very roughly,

const interp = new wasm3.Interpreter(module);
const interpState = interp.serializeState();
const interp2 = wasm3.In
feature help wanted good first issue
melvyn2 commented May 30, 2022

Having a callback for when the selected element is changed would be useful, for similar reasons to TextEdit/LineEdit: validation, updating buffers, or the rest. I imagine that it would be something like selected(int) with int being the index, though LineEdit emits a simple callback without arguments so there may be a tradeoff I'm missing (an int should be easier to pass around on the oth

good first issue
jkelleyrtp commented Feb 11, 2022

Specific Demand

When resolving assets, we should determine of the current program is contained within a bundle. If it is, then we should cananocalize the asset differently to be relative to the .app/.deb/.rpm/.exe for a smoother distribution experience.

  • macOS

These targets do not provide a straightforward way of bundling assets. I've opted to make it the asset dir configu

good first issue
SigurdJanson commented May 1, 2022

Bug type


Component name

No response

What happened?

The enum value OverflowBehavior.FilpOnOpen works. The correct spelling OverflowBehavior.FlipOnOpen does not.

Expected behavior

Rename the value to OverflowBehavior.FlipOnOpen

Reproduction link

Reproduction steps

bug good first issue

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