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NFK Web Statistics


Match statistics site. Works on PHP 5-7.
Runs in a single Docker container since it's not actively maintained and required PHP versions are considered deprecated and hard to install on modern GNU/Linux distributions.
Docker image is based on Alpine Linux, with nginx+php-fpm running under supervisord. Latest PHP 7 version is compiled with all necessary dependencies. Dockerfile was written with one particulal server configuration in mind, meaning it still requires an external database and (preferably) a reverse-proxy.
The suggested configuration below is more of an example, some adaptations are probably required (PRs are welcome).


  1. Clone this repository
git clone
  1. Build the docker image
cd nfk-stats
docker build [ --build-arg="OPTION=value" ] -t local/nfkstats .

Available build options:
THREADS — Number of CPU threads used for compiling (Default: 1).
TESTS_ENABLE — Run build tests after compiling (Default: 0).
UID — UID to match owner of the static files on the host system (Default: 200).

Building example on 16-core CPU (with multithreading enabled):

docker build --build-arg="THREADS=32" -t local/nfkstats .


  1. Create the config file using inc/
mkdir -p /srv/nfkstats
cp inc/ /srv/nfkstats/
vim /srv/nfkstats/
  1. Create directories for static files (or restore it from the backup) on a host system:
mkdir /srv/nfkstats/demos
mkdir -p /srv/nfkstats/images/maps
  1. Add a new user with desired UID to avoid permission issues and make him the owner of the directories:
useradd -u 200 -g www-data nfkstats
chown -R nfkstats:www-data /srv/nfkstats
  1. Run the container:
docker run -d --rm --restart=always\
  --name=nfkstats \
  --network=host \
  --volume /srv/nfkstats/ \
  --volume /srv/nfkstats/demos:/var/www/demos:rw \
  --volume /srv/nfkstats/images/maps:/var/www/images/maps:rw \
  --env OPTION=value \
  --memory=256M \

Statistics site should be available via port :80.
The available options are:
PORT — Nginx HTTP port (Default: 80).
REAL_IP — IP for nginx set_real_ip_from directive (Default: disabled).

Additional information

Nginx as a reverse proxy

Check the example configuration. It's recommended to protect /nfkstats.php URL with IP whitelisting and /do/new_seasonJGA with Basic Auth as it's mentioned.