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This is a simple Ubuntu upstart script that runs some utilities to pipe audio from a Livewire network to an instance of Icecast.

  • Livewire is a protocol used in the broadcast industry to stream CD quality audio over a network.


  • Small Ubuntu VM on your Livewire network, I used 14.04, you can prolly get away with 1 core if you run server edition
  • > apt-get install libav-tools ezstream dvbstream
  • libav-tools for avconv utility, make sure it's installed with MP3 support
  • ezstream for streaming to icecast
  • dvbstream for the dumptrp utility
  1. Use to get the multicast IP for your channel number
  • The line "c=IN IP4" has the ip you need
  1. Edit stream.conf with your specific conversion/ip details
  2. Edit ezstream.xml with your icecast details
  3. If you are on Ubuntu 16.04, go to the directions below
  4. Copy stream.conf to /etc/init/Unless you are running 16.04 in which case checkout the directions below
  5. > start stream
  6. ???
  7. Profit!

Ubuntu 16.04 Systemd Configuration

For Ubuntu 16.04 the init system was switch from Upstart to Systemd. As such you will need to use the example livewire-streamer.service Systemd unit file instead of the upstart conf file.

  1. Copy the livewire-stream.service to /etc/systemd/system/
  2. > systemctl daemon-reload
  3. > systemctl enable livewire-streamer.service
  4. > systemctl start livewire-streamer.service
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

Your streaming process should be up and running, this can be checked with systemctl status livewire-streamer.service


Output formatting

  • avconv -f s24be -ar 48k -ac 2 -i - -f mp3 -b:a 320K - This portion of the command transcodes the audio
    • -f mp3 Change that to the format you want to stream / output, Check avconv -formats for output codecs
    • -b:a 320K Change 320K to the bit rate you want to stream


  • If the stream upstart job doesn't stay running check /var/log/upstart/stream for errors


Stream a Livewire multicast stream to Icecast







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