Dark Room IDE Themes
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Dark Room IDE Themes

These are dark themes, primarily aimed at web development. Personally, I use them daily with WebStorm, Sublime Text, and Aptana Studio, but they are suited for many other IDEs too. Versions for Notepad++ have been included too, in case you want to have a consistent look in all of your editors.

Many similar themes I've tried in the past had several issues, which I've tried to address here:

  1. If the theme had a black background, typically the foreground colors were too intense/tiring.
  2. If the theme had an off-black background to subdue the foreground colors, this was often too light.
  3. Almost all themes relegated comments to fainter colors, to accentuate code more than comments. I actually like to do the opposite, and make comments stand out, since I try to have meaningful comments. That being said, I didn't want comments to overwhelm the code, so hopefully you'll find a good compromise here.

All themes have been tested with the following file types:

  • CSS/CSS3
  • JavaScript (inline and .js)
  • PHP (inline and js)
  • JSON (Sublime only)
  • SQL (Sublime only)
  • XML (Sublime only)

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to chime in: https://github.com/NeilCresswell/themes/issues

I'd love to come up with a Visual Studio theme based off of these, but don't have the time right now.

Textmate Themes

Suitable for *Sublime Text 2/3*** and *Eclipse-based IDEs such as *Aptana Studio*.

  • Developed with Aptana Studio 3.
  • Tested against Aptana Studio 3 and Sublime Text 3.
  • GitGutter support added for Sublime Text 2/3.
  • Comes in two flavours:
    • Dark Room (Normal) has a slightly off-black background so the colors are more subdued.
    • Dark Room (Contrast) has a full black (#000) background for use on laptops, etc.

How to install in Aptana Studio:

  1. Window / Preferences / Aptana Studio / Themes / Import / point to .tmTheme file.

Other IDE settings for an optimal experience:

  1. Window / Preferences / General / Appearance / pick Dark Studio theme with mixed colors
  2. Window / Preferences / Aptana Studio / Themes / Font:
    • Droid Sans Mono Slashed 11 pt.
    • Check "Apply to all (non-Studio) editors"
    • You can find Droid Sans Mono Slashed in the /fonts folder of this project.

JetBrains Themes

Suitable for *WebStorm***.

  • Developed and tested with WebStorm 9 for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Probably works with other JetBrains products such as Android Studio and PHPStorm.
  • Uses the Dark Room Texmate theme colors as a starting point, but with additional refinements.

How to install:

  1. File / Import Settings / point to DarkRoom.jar file and click OK
  2. File / Settings / Colors & Fonts / select "Dark Room" and click OK

There is no high contrast version since in WebStorm, this can be achieved with a single change:

  1. File / Settings / Colors & Fonts / General / Default text / click on background colour
  2. Enter "000000" into the "#" box or pick an appropriate background color of your choice.

Other IDE settings for an optimal experience:

  1. File / Settings / Appearance & Behaviour / Appearance:
    • Theme: "Darcula" (this is a dark theme for the IDE wrapper, including menu bar.)
    • Override default fonts by "Segoe UI", (if available,) size 14px.
  2. File / Settings / Editor / Colors & Fonts / Font:
    • Show only monospaced fonts.
    • Primary font: "Source Code Pro", size 14, line spacing 1.0.
    • You can find Source Code Pro in the /fonts folder of this project.

NotePad++ Themes

These are a conversion of the Textmate themes so they can be used in Notepad++. However, since Notepad++ doesn't provide great syntax highlighting, typically themes with brighter highlighting are more suitable for this particular IDE.


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