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Demo of using TileMill to draw US airports and airspace
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Map of US airports and airspace
A quick hack demo playing with TileMill
By Nelson Minar <> 2011-09-19
More info at


Data sources:

Country and State boundaries from Natural Earth
Airports from FADDS
  (previously, Airports from GeoCommons
Airspace shape files from FAA FADDS.


*.png: sample static images
tilemill: sources for TileMill. (Note, data files are just symlinks)
webserver: tilestache setup, CGI script, Apache config, mbtiles rendered tiles
webapp: HTML and Javascript

Notes on contours:

There's incomplete code here for rendering contours, showing all terrain over 8000'.
The source data comes from SRTM3, converted to shapefiles via GDAL and PostGIS.
More notes at
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