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Pixel Table 2.0 - Beta

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The API comes with a browser-based Emulator so you don’t need to build the table just yet.

Try it out now - no hardware required!

You can now run the web-based emulator from any machine: Windows, Linux, Mac or RasPi. Follow the quick start guide and create progs that will run on a physical Pixel Table and play with them using a virtual Pixel Table in your browser.

Quick Start Guide


You have several options including software-only, table-top and full-sized. Each of these options can be done to different levels of complexity and cost. Here's a rough guide to each option, a full bill of materials (BOM) can be found HERE.

Software only - FREE

You can just download the API and use it on any machine via a web-browser. In future there will be a 'fullscreen' mode so that you can emulate the table top exactly as it would be on an actual pxltbl.

PxlTbl Mini - £100 to £200

A table-top-sized device using a Raspberry Pi, 7" touchscreen and 3D printed case. You can add an audio HAT and arcade buttons too.

PxlTbl - £700 to £1,000

The full-sized version, over 1m long and 40cm high with a 50" touch screen. You can add a 200W stereo amp, car speakers, arcade buttons and a real wood frame for an amazing looking and sounding piece of furniture. Or just keep things simple and costs low.

Skills needed

Everything you need and where to buy them from will be listed in the BOM. You won't need to do any cutting, welding or custom fabrication, it's all based around pieces that can be ordered to size and bolted together. You will need to know how to solder and if you have access to a 3D printer, laser cutter or CNC machine you can make the parts yourself instead of ordering them online.

BIG plans

It's early days yet, but we have lots of great ideas. You can build "progs" using your web browser right now, then when we release the full build guid you can build your own table.

Hardware guide coming soon

We'll also be releasing a full guide on how to build your own Pixel Table using a RasPi + Arduino + NeoPixels. It's fairly straight forward, and once built, you can use this API to make programming your table super-easy!

API reference

Full API reference (work in progress)

Follow us

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A platform based on Node & RasPi to allow anyone to easily build apps and games for a NeoPixel table.








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