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@gerardroche gerardroche released this 19 May 16:37
· 2103 commits to master since this release


  • Added #353: Color scheme support for current match highlighting in /, ?, *, and #
  • Added #312: Map commands with arguments e.g. nnoremap ,f :ShowOverlay overlay=goto text=@<CR>
  • Added #345: Map commands without executing immediately (no trailing <CR>) e.g nnoremap ,r :reg
  • Added #346: Map commands with ranges and counts
  • Added #344: Add buffer commands :bf[irst], :br[ewind], :bp[revious], :bN[ex]t, :bn[ext], and :bl[ast]
  • Added #343: Add Unimpaired commands [b, ]b, [B, ]B, ]t, [t, ]T, and [T
  • Added #327: Redo command (<C-r>) should invoke a UI bell if there are no more redo commands
  • Added #70: Add show whitespace command :set list
  • Added #334: Add tab command :tabN[ext]
  • Added #330: Add tab command :tabc[lose]


  • Fixed #173: vi{ selects extra blank chars
  • Fixed #161: vit vat work incorrect inside self closing tags
  • Fixed #180: % doesn't work in VISUAL LINE mode
  • Fixed #354: :help ctrl-w opens wrong help file section
  • Fixed #352: % should jump to the next item in this line after the cursor
  • Fixed #263: x should not delete empty lines
  • Fixed #350: Multi-select k doesn't work with a count
  • Fixed #314: gj and gk do not work in visual line mode
  • Fixed #341: Multi-select should scroll viewport to end of selection
  • Fixed #273: Sort Lines command sorts whole file
  • Fixed #338: gv after visual line should be linewise
  • Fixed #349: > and < should leave cursor on first non whitespace character
  • Fixed #348: gv doesn't remember which visual mode was last used
  • Fixed #347: gv doesn't work in visual mode
  • Fixed #336: * and # should center match on screen if not visible
  • Fixed #328: Entering normal mode should not put cursor on EOL character
  • Fixed #324: Entering Normal mode from Visual Block mode creates multiple selection
  • Fixed #329: Redo command should not leave cursor on EOL character
  • Fixed #209: Jumping to mark in visual mode does not work
  • Fixed #335: Help subjects should be case sensitive e.g. help L should open help for L not l
  • Fixed #333: :ou (:ounmap alias) doesn't work
  • Fixed #332: :no (:noremap alias) doesn't work
  • Fixed #331: :files doesn't work
  • Fixed #325: :sunmap doesn't work, prints message E492: Not an editor command
  • Fixed #324: Entering Normal mode from Visual Block mode creates multiple selection
  • Fixed #323: :g!/222/p is bailing out with error: 'str' object has no attribute 'consume'
  • Fixed #153: Cursor gets stuck after a few edit operations
  • Fixed #322: :print doesn't work
  • Fixed #320: :move KeyError: 'next_sel' when address is the same as current line
  • Fixed #321: Entering cmdline-mode from Visual Block mode doesn't work
  • Fixed #319: :cd should change the current directory to the home directory
  • Fixed #150: Remove lines with regular expression
  • Fixed #148: :$ does not go to last line
  • Fixed #87: Double front slash doesn't escape properly


  • Removed: Deprecated SublimeLinter APIs