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LuaLogging provides a simple API to use logging features in Lua. Its design was based on log4j.

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LuaLogging provides a simple API to use logging features in Lua.
Its design was based on log4j. LuaLogging currently supports,
through the use of appenders, console, file, rolling file, email, socket and sql outputs.

Current version is 1.3.0. It was developed for Lua 5.1 & 5.2.

LuaLogging is free software and uses the same license as Lua. It is part of the Kepler Project.

Please see docs at for more details


Release 1.3.0

With LuaRocks:

	$ sudo luarocks install lualogging

Latest Git revision

With LuaRocks:

	$ sudo luarocks install

With make:

	$ sudo make

Guide lines for improved logging performance

The changes that I have made allow more complex log message formatting to be done only when 
that log level is enabled.  This will decrease the impact of logging statement when their level 
is disabled.

* Use string.format() style formatting:

logger:info("Some message prefix: val1='%s', val2=%d", "some string value", 1234)

* For more complex log message formatting:

local function log_callback(val1, val2)
	-- Do some complex pre-processing of parameters, maybe dump a table to a string.
	return string.format("Some message prefix: val1='%s', val2=%d", val1, val2)
-- function 'log_callback' will only be called if the current log level is "DEBUG"
logger:debug(log_callback, "some string value", 1234)

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