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Minecraft items, also called item stacks, can be quite complicated. All items have a material, like dirt or cooked_beef or diamond_sword. Items can also have a custom name, lore, enchantments and sometimes a damage value indicating wear and tear.

To keep things simple, BeastMaster requires you to separate the description of an item from the things that use it, like mobs and loot tables. You define an item by creating an example of it, and then while holding it, you tell BeastMaster the identifier (ID) used to refer to identical items.

Defining a Custom Item

For example, we'll define a "scimitar" as a type of gold sword.

Firstly let's get an unenchanted golden sword:

/i gold_sword

Then let's use commands to set a custom name, lore and enchantments:

/beast-item name &eScimitar
/beast-item lore A formidable weapon.
/enchant unbreaking 3
/enchant sharpness 5

Finally, we tell BeastMaster that the item we are holding should be referred to by the ID scimitar:

/beast-item define scimitar

Using Items

Now that BeastMaster knows what a scimitar is, we can use commands to make them appear in the world.

For example, we can specify that all zombie pigmen spawn holding them in both hands:

/beast-mob set pigzombie main-hand scimitar
/beast-mob set pigzombie off-hand scimitar

Redefining Items

If, on reflection, we decide that having every pigzombie armed with a sharpness 5 gold sword is a bit much, we can redefine the scimitar.

Let's imagine that some time has passed and we no longer have our original item. We can get one straight out of BeastMaster using the following command:

/beast-item get scimitar

Then we can change the item and redefine scimitar:

/enchant sharpness 3
/beast-item redefine scimitar

Note that we are using /beast-item redefine instead of /beast-item define. Once an item ID has been defined, BeastMaster won't allow us to define the same ID again. This is a simple precaution to prevent us from accidentally redefining an item by mistake.

And that's it. All pigzombies that spawn from then on will hold the new, slightly less sharp scimitar.

Note that because the item definition is separate from the thing using it (in this case pigzombie), the latter changed automatically when we changed the former. We didn't have to redefine pigzombie.

Command Reference

  • /beast-item help - Show usage help.

  • /beast-item define <item-id> - Define a new item type as the thing held in the player's main hand.

  • /beast-item redefine <item-id> - Redefine the specified item type as the thing held in the player's main hand.

  • /beast-item remove <item-id> - Remove the definition of the specified item type.

  • /beast-item get <item-id> [<count>] - Give the player <count> of the item type with the specified, previously defined ID.

  • /beast-item list - List all item types.

  • /beast-item info <item-id> - Describe the specified item.

  • /beast-item name [<text>] - Set the displayed name of the item in the player's main hand, including colour codes beginning with '&'. Omitting text clears the name.

  • /beast-item lore [<text>] - Set the lore of the item in the player's main hand. Omitting text clears the lore. Multiple lines can be separated by the pipe symbol, '|'. Doubling up the pipe (i.e. '||') inserts a single pipe character.

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