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A Unity game where you must escape from the world you are currently in.
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Created for Dr. Chi's MART380 class at the University of South Carolina

A Unity game where you must escape from the world you are currently in.


This is a First-person styled game where you must figure out how to go from world to world.


/Assets - The Assets Directory to include in a new Unity Project

/Build - Prebuilt binaries for Linux, MacOSX, Windows, and WebGL


Mouse - Look Around

Left Mouse Button - Shoot a Projectile. The projectile will glow all colors that it can interact with

WASD - Move Around


How to build

In order to build this project, you should create a New Unity Project, and then import the assets from this assets directory into your project. It should contain all scripts and resources needed to test out the project.


Since this project used a lot of scripts, I felt that it would be good to have this project be open-source to help other students that may take this class in the future see how C# code is written, and how it can be used to make a cool game.

There are scripts to spawn in enemies, keep track of colors, and change the music when the player collects a tessaract, among other things.

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