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import subprocess
# This code snippet will assist in detatching and re-attaching cinder block devices in order
# from nova instances. This is a special case script, it will only detach and reattach
# block devices other than the root devices.
# Copyright 2017 NetApp, Inc.
# This type os script must be called as a sourced user associated with a project.
# It will only detach/reattach devices belonging to that user.
# Steps:
# 1) Form a hash mapping all block devices associated with all nova instances owned by the present user
# 2) Order the cinder volumes per instance, such as sdb then sdc then sde ...
# 3) Detach all of the block devices (other than sda) in order
# 4) Reattach all block devices in the same order: sdb, sdc, sdd...
def get_current_mapping():
p = subprocess.Popen(['openstack','volume','list','-f','csv'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
a = p.communicate()[0]
instance_to_block_hash = {}
for line in a.split('\n'):
if 'Attached to' in line and '/dev/vda ' not in line:
if '/dev/' in line:
volume_id,volume_name,state,size,attached_to = line.split(',')
attachment = attached_to.split('"')[1].strip().split(' ')
instance = attachment[2]
device = attachment[4]
if instance in instance_to_block_hash:
instance_to_block_hash[instance] = [{device:volume_id}]
return instance_to_block_hash
def block_device_action(direction=None,instance_to_block_hash=None):
for instance in instance_to_block_hash.keys():
for device in sorted(instance_to_block_hash[instance]):
volume_id = device.values()[0][1:-1]
device_name = device.keys()[0]
print('openstack server %s volume %s %s' % (direction,instance,volume_id))['openstack','server',direction,'volume',instance,volume_id])
instance_to_block_hash = get_current_mapping()