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StackApis Build Status

StackApis Home

StackApis is a simple new ServiceStack + AngularJS example project created with ServiceStackVS AngularJS Template showcasing how quick and easy it is to create responsive feature-rich Single Page Apps with AngularJS and AutoQuery. StackApis is powered by a Sqlite database containing snapshot of ServiceStack questions from StackOverflow APIs that's persisted in an sqlite database using OrmLite.

StackApis AutoQuery Service

The Home Page is built with less than <50 Lines of JavaScript which thanks to AutoQuery routes all requests to the single AutoQuery Service below:

public class StackOverflowQuery : QueryBase<Question>
    public int? ScoreGreaterThan { get; set; }

Not even ScoreGreaterThan is a required property, it's just an example of a formalized convention enabling queries from Typed Service Clients.

Feel free to play around with a deployed version of StackApis at

You can also use the public url to test out ServiceStack's new Add ServiceStack Reference feature :)