🌌 .NET wrapper assemblies for accessing Microsoft Office applications.
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NetOffice - MS Office in .NET

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.NET wrapper assemblies for accessing Microsoft Office applications.

NetOffice supports extending and automating Microsoft Office applications: Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Project and Visio.


  • MS Office integration without version limitations
  • All features of the MS Office versions 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 are included
  • Active support in version independent development
  • Syntactically and semantically identical to the Microsoft Interop Assemblies
  • No training if you already know the MS Office object model, use your existing PIA code
  • Reduced and more readable code with automatic management of COM proxies
  • Usable with .NET version 2.0 or higher
  • Easy Addin Development
  • No deployment hurdles, no registration
  • No dependencies, no interop assemblies, no need for VSTO
  • Visual Studio Project Templates and Wizards available Photo Gallery

Getting Started

Checkout the NetOffice-Examples repository to see how to use NetOffice to automate Office applications or create add-ins and extended them.


The NetOffice Toolbox is a comprehensive toolset to get started with NetOffice 1.7.3 solutions.

Project History

You can find more information about NetOffice Git repository in documentation.


  • master - main branch for development
  • import/osdn_repository - branch with NetOffice source code imported from OSDN repository
  • import/legacy_repository - archive branch of original NetOffice source code imported from CodePlex Subversion
  • import/netoffice_1.7.4-alpha - archive branch of NetOffice 1.7.4 source code provided by Sebastian
  • import/netoffice_1.7.4.1-alpha - archive branch of NetOffice source code provided by Sebastian


NetOffice source code is licensed under MIT License.

Copyright © 2011-2018 Sebastian Lange
Copyright © 2015-2018 Jozef Izso