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OSS Tracker

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OSS Tracker is an application that collects information about a Github organization and aggregates the data across all projects within that organization into a single user interface to be used by various roles within the owning organization.

For the community manager, all repositories are listed and metrics are combined for the organization as a whole. A community manager can also organize projects into functional areas and appoint shepherds of these areas to assign management and engineering leads.

The shepherds of each functional area can not only assign and maintain leads for each project, but also view aggregated metrics for their area.

For individual owners, the OSS tracker gives a daily summary as well as historical information on key repository metrics such as open issues and pull requests, days since last commit, and average time to resolve issues and pull requests.

OSS Tracker works by running multiple analysis jobs as part of osstracer-scraper periodically. These jobs populate a project ownership database as well as a time series project statistics database. OSS Tracker then exposes a web application (osstracker-console) that gives visibility into these databases as well as access to control ownership and categorization of each project. In order to decrease the need for advanced visualization, much of the time series data graphing leverages kibana on top of elasticsearch.

More Info

You can see more about OSS Tracker from our meetup video and slides.


For a sample deployment of the OSS Tracker using Terraform + Ansible, you can refer to this project.

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