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Source code for the Keyshanc Teensyduino, a device that encrypts keystrokes using Keyshanc.
Arduino C++
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Keyshanc Teensyduino

What is it?

The Keyshanc Teensyduino is a physical device that encrypts keystrokes using the Keyshanc algorithm. It has a PS/2 input and USB output. It can toggle between 11 user-defined Keyshanc ciphers by pressing F1-F11 and it can output plaintext by pressing F12.

It costs less than $30 (minus shipping) for all of the parts.

My Goal: The widespread use of my design and source code to enable privacy from the keyboard-to-the-application even on compromised (a.k.a. "monitored") workstations.

For a more detailed explanation of the Keyshanc Teensyduino and how to assemble one, please visit my blog at

File List

  • keyshanc.ino: This is the source code for the Keyshanc Teensyduino.
  • keyshancGenerator.cpp: This program creates 11 Keyshanc ciphers and outputs C++ code that can be copied and pasted into keyshanc.ino.

What is required in order to use the Keyshanc Teensyduino?

Nothing is required to be installed on the workstation itself. That was one of the primary design goals.

What is required is that the receiving application must be Keyshanc-enabled (I have an example console application in my Keyshanc repo and an example website here). The best method would be for the receiving application to allow the user to graphically enter the Keyshanc password currently being used.

This is where I need help from the open source community. I have developed the algorithm and an inexpensive hardware implementation, but I need members of the community to adopt Keyshanc and incorporate it in their own programs/websites.

Custom special key codes in PS2Keyboard.h:

#define PS2_TAB         9
#define PS2_ENTER       13
#define PS2_BACKSPACE   1
#define PS2_ESC         27
#define PS2_INSERT      2
#define PS2_DELETE      127
#define PS2_HOME        3
#define PS2_END         4
#define PS2_PAGEUP      25
#define PS2_PAGEDOWN    26
#define PS2_UPARROW     11
#define PS2_LEFTARROW   8
#define PS2_DOWNARROW   10
#define PS2_RIGHTARROW  21
#define PS2_F1          5
#define PS2_F2          6
#define PS2_F3          7
#define PS2_F4          12
#define PS2_F5          14
#define PS2_F6          15
#define PS2_F7          16
#define PS2_F8          17
#define PS2_F9          18
#define PS2_F10         19
#define PS2_F11         20
#define PS2_F12         22
#define PS2_SCROLL      0


Keyshanc is licensed under the MIT License (see LICENSE.txt).

If you use it, or just think that it is a worthwhile effort, please +1 and Tweet it via my projects page. If it is used in any research, please email me, as well. Thanks!

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