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Doc :

Simple viewers for ephys signals and related stuff (signal, spikes, events, triggers, video, ...) Based on PyQt5 (or PyQt4) and pyqtgraph.

Can be use at two level:

Standalone application

For file supported by neo.rawio (Axon, Blackrock, BrainVision, Neuralynx, NeuroExplorer, Plexon, Spike2, Tdt, ...)

Launch it from console and use open menu:


Launch it from console with filename (and optional format):

ephyviewer File_axon_1.abf
ephyviewer File_axon_1.abf -f Axon

To design some customs viewers for ephy dataset :

With theses kind of codes:

import ephyviewer
import numpy as np

app = ephyviewer.mkQApp()

sigs = np.random.rand(100000,16)
sample_rate = 1000.
t_start = 0.
view1 = ephyviewer.TraceViewer.from_numpy(sigs, sample_rate, t_start, 'Signals')

win = ephyviewer.MainViewer(debug=True, show_auto_scale=True)