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Discord server Black coding style Red cogs

Cogs for Red - Discord Bot by TwentySix.

Table of Contents


The Toxic-Cogs repo holds a bunch of different cogs, some being tools (listpermissions, maintenance), some being for fun (like simon, twenty (2048)) and some others giving information (sw (Star Wars)). You can find descriptions of them below in the table.

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How to install

These cogs are made for Red V3 by TwentySix. Using Red V3, you can add my repo by doing [p]repo add Toxic-Cogs master, then using [p]cog install Toxic-Cogs <cog-name> (with [p] being your prefix)

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Cog Description
Get information about colorsProvide either the name, rgb, hexadecimal or hsl value of a color and get the rgb, hexadecimal and hsl value about it
Get the latest commandsGet the latest commands from the last certain amount of messages in a certain channel
Set cooldowns for commandsOverride (not recommended) or set cooldowns for commands to make sure your users don't commands too much
List the permissions of a role or userGet the permissions of a user or role in a certain channel or guild-wide.
Play minesweeper in DiscordPlay minesweeper interactively on the bot or with spoilers
Play Simon in DiscordPlay Simon in Discord and guess the correct sequences
Play 2048 in DiscordPlay 2048 in Discord with reactions
Get notifications when there is an update for one of your repositories added to your botHave your bot tell you in DM or a channel when there is an update for one of the repos added to your bot
Get Star Wars information through DiscordGet info about something in Star Wars using this cog
Put your bot on maintenancePut your bot on maintenance, telling people who are not in the whitelist for the maintenance that the bot is on maintenance, and will not respond to commands
Buy animals with economy credits and get more credits!A cog that I made after a mobile app, kinda cheesy but fun.
Auto-delete messages after a certain amount of timeDelete messages after a certain amount of specified time, after the message was sent
Edit messages sent by the botAllows an administrator to edit one of the bot's messages, by either copying the content and/or embed from a previously sent message from the bot, or by the specified content
Target users in the guild based upon the passed argumentsAllows arguments for dates, roles, names, activities, statuses or devices.
Auto-delete and report messages that are considered inappropriateBot Owner must set credentials first before use

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Credit to Aikaterna's chatchart cog, which I based my commandchart cog off of (which was also a requested cog on You can find that cog here:

Thanks to:

  • Yukirin for suggesting/asking for the commandchart cog.
  • Olaroll for suggesting/asking for the editor cog
  • kennnyshiwa for suggestin/asking for the deleter cog
  • Other people in Red for helping me with coming up with ideas and helping me find shortcuts to some things

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Bugs and Help

For bugs, contact me at Neuro Assassin#4779 <@473541068378341376>. It would be best though to join my support server, where other people could help you too. You can find the invite button at the top of this file.

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Helpful Libraries

PrettyTable is helpful for the SQL cog. It makes the showing of the data much nicer, neater and more comprehendible.

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Required Libraries

Matplotlib and pytz are required for the commandchart cog.

Colour is required for the color cog.

PrettyTable and FuzzyWuzzy are required for the listpermissions cog.

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A collection of utility, moderation and fun plugins to Red - Discord Bot.





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