A package for plotting plot.ly graphs in Wolfram Mathematica
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A package for creating plot.ly graphs in Wolfram Mathematica

Plotly-Mathematica Plot

Getting started

  1. Install package (File->Install) and select plotly.m as the source
  2. Type Needs["Plotly`"] in your notebook.
  3. The syntax matches native Plot function, just type Plotly[yourfunction,{x,min,max}] to make your first plot.
  4. (optional) type PlotlyLogin[username,APIKey] to plot under your Plotly account

Version 0.2 (current)

  • bugfixes & optimization
  • proper package declaration
  • out of the box plotting, no need to input user/pass

Future releases

Version 0.3 (in the works)

  • support for older versions of Mathematica (replace URLExecute with JSON)
  • support for styling
  • code rewrite

Version 0.4+ (planned)

  • support for discrete plots, histograms, heatmaps, data streams, 3d plots, etc.

Legacy releases

Version 0.1 (legacy)

  • replicates the functionality of the the native Plot function within Mathematica
  • works only in Mathematica 10
  • no support for styling within Mathematica (PlotStyle, PlotLabel, AxesLabel, etc.)
  • no support for imaginary units
  • indeterminate function values are set to 0