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@yurykk yurykk released this Jul 4, 2019 · 11 commits to master since this release

Added support for BIP39/BIP44 HD Wallets

HD wallet support is disabled by default. In order to enable it, wallet must be launched with
"-usehd=1" command line parameter. Alternatively, "usehd=1" line can be included in the configuration.

Please note: Once created, wallet can't be changed to/from HD/legacy format. If you want to migrate from one format to another, you will have to create new wallet and transfer all the funds.

Random 24 words mnemonic seed will be generated for new wallets, which can be shown using 'dumphdinfo' console/CLI command

In order to create new HD wallet by restoring existing seed / mnemonic phrase, the wallet should be launched with the following options :

-usehd=1 -mnemonic="my mnemonic phrase here" -mnemonicpassphrase="Optional passphrase"


-usehd=1 -hdseed="_correct_hex_seed_"

Once restored, wallet can be launched with just "usehd=1" parameter.

The following RPC command is added :

dumphdinfo - Returns an object containing sensitive private info about this HD wallet

IMPORTANT security notice

  1. Do not share private keys for addresses generated by HD Wallets with 3rd party, as under certain circumstances it may lead to compromise of master private key of the account.
  2. Always keep your wallet encrypted
  3. Backup your mnemonic seed
  4. Keep your mnemonic seed backup safe & offline

Usefull tools

Mnemonic Code Converter


This is optional update. No need to upgrade existing masternodes

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